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Technological Solutions

Technological Solutions

On the Verge of Innovation

With BMA Group Lisboa, you’ll be on the verge of technological innovation. Attentive to change and evolution in workplace methodologies, BMA Group Lisboa acts on the present, while always keeping an eye on the future. And let us be honest, the future is bright! Our tech ideas are a reflexion of our own personality: smart, bold and filled with magic! Do we have your attention now?

Have a look and see how the offices of tommorow might be. Get to know our technological solutions and let yourself be marvelled by the magic of the digital world!

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Reasons to choose BMA Group Lisboa

Why Us?

We have at our disposal a wide range of products specially designed to make your daily office tasks and everyday needs easier.

Needless to say, with BMA Group Lisboa, you count on experienced professionals to advise and take care of all different technological installations, from the most common, to specific tailor-made solutions.

Nevertheless, you are the one in charge. Our tech experts are here to help. However, at the end of the day, you are the one who will choose how to equip your company’s office.

  • Cutting Edge Solutions
  • Consultancy/Projection
  • Value Procurement
  • Magic Execution & Delivery

Personalized Solutions

Step by Step

Check out our guide on how to build efficient and sustainable solutions and be a part of the office technological revolution too.

1 - Establishing Contact

Once BMA Group Lisboa is contacted by a potential client, we will learn about their vision and propose several solutions.

2 - In-house Cooperation

The Technology Department will be on constant cooperation with the Project Management and Interior Design Teams, so that all solutions can be both perfectly aligned with the office design and the client's budget.

3 - Presenting Solutions

The time has come to show the client how to make their technological vision come true.

4 - Adjustments

After providing the client with a few technological suggestions, it's time for eventual adjustments that will lead to a magic solution.

5 - Magic Happens

Finally, the plan is all set and approved. On budget. On time. Design aligned. It's time to make it real.

Office Design

The future is digital

It’s time to take a leap into the future of office design. Magic innovations are brought to life every single day. At BMA Group Lisboa, we want to be a part of that high tech revolution, while always keeping focus on the satisfaction of our customers. Magic happens, technology takes the lead, but some things remain the same. After all, our goal has been the same since day one: to offer solutions that are able to put a smile on your face.

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